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[NA] - LF members for EoD strikes, raids!


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Hi all,

We're looking for a couple more members for weekly End of Dragons strike clears! We're a laid-back, semi-casual group and want everyone to feel comfortable and be open to learning.

We have trained and cleared AH and XJJ CMs, and our current focus is progressing KO CM, with the ultimate goal being to clear those CMs weekly. In the future, we will eventually work on OLC CM and maybe titles as well. We also run 1-2 raid wings per week, and if there's interest, we can work on raid CMs or other achievements there, too. You're welcome to join for either raids or strikes, or both!


  • A positive and encouraging attitude.
  • Flexible with roles, or at least be willing to learn a new role.
  • Strike CM experience is preferred, especially KO CM up to mech/sniper phase as we are very close to clearing. We are willing to train, however, so we only ask that you're very comfortable on the base fights and are committed to learning.


  • Strikes: Monday, 10pm - 12am EDT
  • Raids: Thursday, 9pm - 11pm EDT

Everything is organized in discord; joining the in-game guild is entirely optional.

If you're interested, you can message me with questions or join our discord: https://discord.gg/MERZR3aj2N

(After joining you can select roles for access to the rest of the channels.)

Thank you!

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