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Can I convert something to unbound magic?

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I want to get the living world home instance nodes that cost 10,000 unbound magic each.


My question is, is there an easy way to get unbound magic besides just farming it? Can I convert karma or another currency to unbound magic by buying something from a vendor? 

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You can consume LW3 currency (doubleclick/use), which turns into Unbound Magic.

In addition, you can purchase the Unbound gathering tools from the karma/heart vendors in LW3 maps and collect the Unbound Magic on the go. Or if you have a lot of money, go for the unbreakable gathering tools with Glyph of the Unbound.

But the fastest method might be just to convert LW3 map currency into magic directly.

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Do the story, do events in those maps, use the unbound gathering tools, and consume unneeded map currencies.  I personally think that Bitterfrost Frontier is one of the best maps for farming unbound magic - you get some from opening the chests after the night meta, plus harvesting all the winterberry nodes.  I think you may get some just from killing different mobs on the maps too, but, that map is always populated and people are always doing events.

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Ya gotta farm'em.
That being said there are few ways to power farm.

If you like spvp or wvw - there is Lake Doric reward track with 100 jade shards in it, the best of all LS3 reward tracks. Get them, consume them and around 3-4k unbound magic is yours.

Draconic Mons has Wayfarer's Henge backpack as it's biggest challenge/achievement. It'll take around week or more to get with some effort put into it each day. But in the process of doing so,  you'll create several permanent fire orchid nodes for you to farm daily  in various places in the world.

You can also get lucky with orrian pearls reward after completing siren's landing temple quests.

Or you can just clean out bitter frost frontier on several different chars, by far easiest method.

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Yes, you can buy the map currencies from the heart vendors in each map daily for karma. It does mean completing the hearts though, so its a bit of a grind and not something you get for free.


The hearts are per-character, so if you find a really easy one, you can just alt-spam it.

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