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Why is Revenant Specializations the only one out of order?

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I know you guys notice that when the Revenant came out, it's Specialization order initially was Devastation, Corruption, Retribution, Salvation, and Invocation. This corresponds to all other professions where the First specializations, tends to focus on power, then condition dmg, then defense, then healing/support, then professional mechanics.  I know that boons, crit dmg or crit chance, and weapon bonuses tend to alternate with each specializations base on the profession, but the order is usually the same.


So my question is, Why did they change it for Revenant? It looks confusing and I don't see any benefit from having the change. Can they please change it back, so it back in line with the other professions?


What are your thoughts?


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Revenant is an interesting beast compared to other classes which generally get a free choice on what powers to assemble together the Revenant only gets to choose abstract concept of the power through their legends. I don't think there is any issue like you prescribe to with the assembly I think the better question is why are Revenants not even acknowledged in the story outside of Rytlock's lines from time to time? So many attentions to detail for a lot of other things yet the Revenant players don't even get a whisper in dialog or story in the game, especially in situations that it should apply to them;



Trahearne revealing the ghosts in the mists that Revs should easily see.

Rytlock talking about his powers while your character acts amazed despite being a Revenant (in the expansion that revs were introduced no less)

Talking to a person in Lake Doric talking about tapping into the mists as if its this new thing despite you are a Revenant.

During the events of season 4, a Revenant should acknowledge what is happening but outside of a line from Rytlock (again) your character continues to do business as usual.


It's impressive the attention to detail for things like race (I mean HoT gave a lot of extra fluff to Sylvari) when it comes to situations but classes go ignored, and your character is to pretend to be dumbfounded even though that's stuff they should be able to do easily.


Honestly I think Revenant's should have had a unique starting storyline instead of just being tied to racial story they were forced into. They don't get any racials so have no real tie to their race, and there are so many unanswered questions about revenants in general that need their own story to answer them.


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