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Bad FPS after last patch(in large events and big squads)

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After lunar new year im expiriencing bad fps drops when in large events or large squads. 
my Settings are all set on low, but still I am getting so much stutering it's unplayable !!
I tryed fullscreen, windowed mode, tryed with dx9 and dx11, nothing changes. 
I updated all drivers. I also tryed older drivers for my grapics card.
I also tryed both 144Hz and 60Hz settings on  my main screen. 
My specs are: 
-CPU: i5 12400F
-GPU: RTX 3060Ti
-SSD: 1TB m2
-RAM: 16GB

I should also mention that i got this PC in November 22'. And gw2 worked like a charm on almost all high options(squads, tequatl all of content). And now suddenly it's unplayble on LOW!!!!!!

Anybody know's how to fix this? 

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