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Confusing Rev Issues (Mostly Lore)


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3 hours ago, Thornwolf.9721 said:

I Think it can be something like an infection too as Mai Trin mentions she never tried, wanted or went into it trying to get those powers. It just sort of happened while she was in the mists which is likely due to her bond and love of scarlet; So of course scarlets echo would be attracted to her. 

I dont think every user gets the rytlock treatment, and likely the echo could potentially consume and possess the user if the users will power and strength were to ever waiver. As this did happen with Mai trin, and when she channeled scarlet her eyes would change colors (Which I'd like to see added to our characters too... give us glowing eyes which change based on our legends that we channel, its a small thing but a cool detail and I kind of want it for my rev.)

PCs have the hand glow. I suspect it's done that way to avoid potentially overriding player customisation.

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On 1/26/2023 at 3:44 AM, Ravenwulfe.5360 said:

IAnd can even give us more lore on each legendary so we know more without having to /wiki them to even get an idea of who they are beyond some were in GW1. I mean I would certainly be interested to know more about Mallyx beyond he's a demon and he wants to corrupt you, or Jalis, and not everyone played GW1 to know about Shiro or Ventari.

This ^.

I think we could also use more voice lines between player character and the legendary figure they invoke. Let Mallyx, Ventari and others tell more stories about themselves and inform players the relevant lore better, instead of just some funny exchanges that only GW1 veterans understand.

That would be some actually helpful 'small talks'.

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