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[PVX][NA] Team Question Mark is looking for YOU to join its ranks!

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Team Question Mark [TQM] is looking for active players!


Aren't you bored of those giant guilds where no one actually knows each other?

Those ones where you might as well play with randoms from the ingame LFG


Well, I've got the solution for you!


Here at TQM we're recruiting for players like you! The ones who can't really fit in giant guilds like that. The ones who want to actually join a community where players not only spend time ingame with each other but also like to start some friendships along the way. We're, let's say, a medium sized guild. Max Guild Hall and everything, so don't worry, you're not joining 5 dudes trying to get something off the ground.


Come, be yourself, all we ask for is respect and understanding of each other. Also, please don't just join and disappear. DON'T BE A STRANGER, DO STUFF WITH US!


And this is the moment where you say:

"Awesome, where do I sign? How do I join? WHAT DO YOU EVEN DO IN THIS AWESOME GUILD???"


Glad you asked!


Whisper me at Tona.9364 or message me on Discord at Tona#3663!


We're rebuilding our raid team, as well as training people to reach T4 and CM fractals! Even if you're not lvl 80 yet, there will be people to help you with what you might need.


There's a fairly big component of our guild that loves WvW and PvP content, too, so you'll most likely find people for whatever you want to play.


Smell ya later!



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