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Any recommended EU server for WvW?


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On 1/26/2023 at 9:27 PM, msalakka.4653 said:

If you're into using hacks you should check out Gunnars Hold or Miller's Sound, they have active hacking communities. 

or they just have a dodge key and you not? kinda unfair, i'd call the manager if i was you

millers is pretty casual, gunters hold half dead with most roamers i guess

certain weird things may exist since game launch, but u rather will find them on the big bandwagons, which aren't any of those u just named

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On 1/26/2023 at 5:40 AM, Hins.2489 said:

Hey guys,im in Vabbi now and looking for a more active server to switch.Any recommended?

The right answer is that there is no server more active. All servers have a player base that offers content. But you never know who stays and who wants to change. You never know what match the next relink offers you and in reference to that what half of the players of this mode will do. Add also that we are in the middle of the storm of alliances , so even more than before the players move, even more than before your server is no longer your server. etc etc.

It is as if a team game has no more teams, because it is all a big vegetable soup all together. And the beauty of it is that no one wants to tackle the one problem that limits players' enjoyment. I'm sorry but there is no solution to your question.

Better to continue discussing gold, tickets, balanced classes +3% or -3% or alliances and communities to be canceled. Sorry if I'm a bit rough but it's definitely not your fault buddy.

Peace to love also to the friends of Vabbi.✌️

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Well obvious choices here are:

  • Gandaras link Jade Sea: Gandara is one the most populated servers in the game topping the death charts. They aren't the strongest and have mixture of old and new players, but main point is that as a regular server they upgrade and defend/upgrade their home border every day, rather than only logging in when there are some discord announcements. Link recommended because Gandara itself will most likely be unlinked and heavily outnumbered in 2 months again because the linking system is terrible. 500 gems.
  • Fissure of Woe + Blacktide: 2 Very High servers together on bandvagoning communities (ex T8-T9 servers so 80%+ players are WvW dedicated enough to transfer). Success and SM camping guaranteed. 1800 gems.
  • Gunnars Hold + Ring of Fire: Ring of Fire, the bastion of Ranger mains, guarantees you plenty of casual adventures. Linked with powerhouse of Gunnars Hold that is stacked with guild retirees due to having very good linking luck in the past, you will find activity and wins. Both servers are kind of discord announcement heavy and their vets don't care about the game unless there is 30+ player group. 1000 gems.
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