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Guild Wars 2 Steam - Living Work Bundle

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I bought both expansions and i'm looking to buy the Living World Bundle through Steam, but It doesn't let me select it. I can only find it through the Complete Edition, when I press it, send me back to the Store Main Page. Is the bundle only available through the Complete Edition? Do I have to buy it from the In-Game Store? Any explication would be a massive help. Thank you

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Yes, with Steam you can only acquire the Living World Season complete bundle outside the game in the Complete Collection bundle. 

From the Steam page:  *The Living World DLC (Seasons 2-5) is non-refundable and cannot be purchased on Steam separately. Living World episodes become playable at level 80.

Living World seasons continue the Guild Wars 2 story between expansions and must be purchased separately through your Story Journal or in Gem Store bundles.

You can purchase Gems from Steam (as far as I know)  and purchase Living World Season individual  bundles from the Gem Store in-game. 

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