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I haz a sad 😢

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Last week I had an accident in the snow, broke my hand and a rib, busted up my face. Im sad i cant play GW2 I can only use the one hand and I cant get anything done. I logged in and sat around LA doing a little crafting /sigh meanwhile all the big kids are off having adventures 😭  6 to 8 weeks of this is unbearable I miss playing. Just had to get it off my chest being sick or injured sucks! 

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You definitely can play the game with one hand, there's permanently disabled players who do it all the time and some of them are top tier. Having a mouse with alot of buttons helps, so you can control at least your entire skillbar with it, and having foot pedals so you can strafe helps alot too!


This may seem like a big investment for just a temporary injury, though.


One temporary solution is to switch to a build with alot of automation like Power Rifle Machinist. With all mech skills set to autocast and a full signet build, you pretty much only have to move around during combat and you'll be at least 80% effective.

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1 minute ago, Mariyuuna.6508 said:

You definitely can play the game with one hand, there's permanently disabled players who do it all the time and some of them are top tier. Having a mouse with alot of buttons helps, so you can control at least your entire skillbar with it, and having foot pedals so you can strafe helps alot too!


This may seem like a big investment for just a temporary injury, though.

Im so uncoordinated without both hands, but for now the rib is bothering me more. I just cant wait to get back, there are festivals coming! 

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....I just had rotator cuff surgery the previous Friday and my dominant hand is in a sling for 6 to 8 weeks. Granted, since the surgery was planned I had time to prepare. For the most part, I parked alts at various spots to harvest. However

one alt is my festival alt. I am able to do the festival dailies (gifts, ignite 5 fireworks, race) with my left hand

one alt raids the chests in the vault of the primeaval kings 

one alt harvests home instance and has been able to do chest runs in bitterfrost fronteir. and has completed some dailies

two alts are crafting ascended stuff

I am just using my right handed mouse in my left hand. I have gotten involved in some combat... it has been ugly but I have muddled through. Not trying anything too stressful

If you have the karma, you might consider using karma tools to harvest

See what you can do, worst that can happen is you need to respawn. good luck in your recovery

(typed with off hand, stopped caring about correcting errors at some point 🙂 )


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I'm one of those guys who plays the game with one hand regularly.  I don't have a special mouse for it, either.  I just have left, right, and a clicking scroll wheel.  I avoid complicated things like fractals and raids, but I have done overworld meta events and WvW dailies like this.  Some tips, based on what I do.

  1. Mounts are your friend.  Specifically, the Springer.  It's ability to jump lets you ascend all over those pesky hurdles that anet demands you jump for.  Just click and hold the orange bar that sits right above the red health sphere, and you can adjust for jump height.  To move forward, you'll have to quickly release then click with both sides of the mouse to begin moving.
  2. I've bound the auto-run key to middle click.  While there is some wisdom to just binding space there, I haven't done so for two reasons.  First, the Springer carries hard for the one-handed.  Second, being able to enable and disable auto-run is an immense effort saver while running around and also in combat.  You don't have to keep the triggers double-pressed all the time.  You can target enemies and move at the same time.
  3. Adjust the size of the UI to let you easily click on the skills.
  4. The common low-intensity builds are good, but what you mostly need is an "I win" button.  This is a utility skill that will neutralize most incoming attacks.  Whether it is blind spam, really good CC, or an explosion of damage, or an invulnerability skill.  I'll talk more about these in a bit.

When it comes to which build or profession to pick, my recommendation is... whichever one the most familiar with.  No joke, I play sword power-weaver one handed.  I take it into WvW, and I've even won fights against other players with it.  However, were I to give out some particular recommendations that aren't insane in no particular order:

Deadeye is my go-to for most things.  The rifle is... pretty darn good if you only have one hand.  The main strength is the 1500 range, which lets you camp down far away and obliterate most enemies before they can get to you.  I use this to hunt treasure mushrooms, but also to do things like bounty dailies, since the distance keeps me quite safe.  Second strength is the ability to create an infinite number of projectile destroying walls, trivializing all enemies that focus on ranged damage.  I've solo'd champions doing this.  Normally I run pure DPS utilities, but on rare occasion I'll change a signet out for Smokescreen, which is this professions "I win" button.  Put that down, swap to sword + Pistol and just spam Pistol Whip.  It will beat most things.

The Engineer it is a toss-up.  Both Mechanist and Scrapper are good.  Scrapper's simple strategy of mashing out gyros combined with all of the self-barrier lets it power through just about anything.  The hammer's ability to auto-track enemies helps, too.  Mechanist, of course, has a robot that does most of the fighting for you.  The decision for which one I go with is based more around whether I want to see my toon wearing shiny leather rather than performance, but from an objective standpoint the Mechanist is probably better.

I don't play ranger, but it is another obvious choice.  Let the pet handle most of the aggro and shoot things from a distance.

Renegade is another solid option.  You can run either power or condi, but I run condi for the better range.  Mace + Axe with Shortbow has an impressive amount of AoE attacks, letting the build cleave down everything relatively quickly.  The Kalla legend has the "I win" button in Darkrazor's Daring.  The stun and the damage are solid, so anything the shortbow doesn't shoot down gets stunned, while dropping a ton of AoEs right on top of groups of enemies.

Dragonhunter is probably the best choice for guardian.  I say "probably" because I'm weird, and I play griever willbender no matter the circumstances.  That said, Dragonhunter's ability to law down a bunch of traps, then lure enemies into it with longbow attacks gives this profession a simple, safe, and easy way to obliterate all enemies that come your way.  Shield of courage is technically your "I win" button, but trap ambushing means you'll rarely have to use it.

Spellbreaker is what I use on the rare occasion I'm one-handing warrior..  I run it with twin daggers, alongside of all the traits that grant health on might/critical damage.  This causes the spellbreaker to become nigh immortal.  The daggers have received buff after buff as of late, so now the damage that is done with the burst skill and skill 2 is really good.  Full Counter is also an easy way to block attacks while doing damage, so you don't have to dodge and re-position anytime something deadly comes your way.  I usually keep Bull's Charge on, but if you want an "I win" button, go with Endure Pain.  

Virtuoso is the logical choice for mesmer.  I usually go with Chronomancer for the run speed boost (I can do the continuum split rotation shatterless with one hand), but the non-insane answer would just go with Virt.  I run rampager condi for the immense amount of self-sustain.  The trick to living with this build is to never use Signet of the Ether.  If you keep creating blades and shattering, the self-healing will let you power through anything that isn't a champion.  Well... a strong champion, anyway.  Weak ones will still die to sustain Virt.  It has 1200 range, but you'll be engaging most enemies point-blank as to let you aim the psionic utilities more easily.  

Necromancer is... just about anything, really.  Easiest is Reaper, which alternates between spamming wells and camping shroud to cut through enemies.  Well of Darkness is the "I win" button of choice here, but it is just one of many on power reaper builds.

Elementalist is the toughest one.  I do it because I'm used to power weaver, but the easiest build to go with is probably power Tempest.  Use Fresh Air, alternate between Air and some other element, and spam Air Overload as often as possible.  For one-handed purposes, dagger + warhorn is the recommended weapon. That way, between overloads, you can just auto in air for damage.  The "I win" button is glyph of storms, but you'll have to start in Earth Attunement to cast it.  This is what makes using the Elementalist so hard, since it requires attunement swapping to do well.  Another version is to use Fire Tempest, which is a condi build that mass-summons elementals and stays in fire the whole time.  The hardest part of using that build is aiming phoenix and your off-hand of choice.  I tend to avoid that one, though since mounting up kills all the summons.  But, the Fire Tempest can fight effectively at range, so it is a consideration for things like bounties and meta-events.  

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