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I am preparing a Hitsquad video demonstration to promote our Thief Only Guild for WvW zerg busts. See below [NA]

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If anyone is interested in how this will be achieved please visit our discord , verify, select your role and post your ACCOUNT NAME here . when the video is ready for recording / demonstration we will be mailing / pming you in game. Discord will be required, SPvP lobby will be used for demonstration purposes as well as for the reason that the main trait we will be abusing the hell out of is NOT skill split in any game mode, nor will it need to be nerfed. ONLY EcK will be able to pull this off because no one else wants to roll a thief...but I think we have found a way to make this zerg bust happen during zergs colliding, from any team....so we can have easy bags!

Also consider checking our page out for recruitment here. We have an amazing growing guild, have shut down many a zerg with 50% of the teamcomp already by denying all stability during perfect timing...yes we CAN easily make pins die, but that ends the fight too quickly...but its there as a last resort.


questions are welcome in this thread, please i ask you to fire away!

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