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New Black Lion Claim Ticket Weapon set released in Black Lion Chest right away?

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4 minutes ago, DexterousGecko.6328 said:

You know why.

Considering buying a 25 key pack is currently around 30 gold per key with gold->gem exchange and majority of these weapons are at or below 30 gold (except for one) and there's no chance you're getting a waapon skin per key ... I don't know why, please tell.

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8 hours ago, Mungo Zen.9364 said:

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m cautious to say it is always this way but several sets of weapons over the past year have been released in the Black Lion chests. White Tiger comes to mind specifically. 

I just had my sixth account birthday and I have never see it put in the black lion chest right away. It eventually gets cycled through but not when it first appeared in game.

It was an error after all.

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