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NA player looking for an active newbie friendly WvW guild!


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Hi, my guild LOFI might be a good fit. We are a WvW Fight Guild on HoD and focus on fast pased aggressive gameplay while fostering a postive, nontoxic, growth oriented, tightknit unit. We are mostly veterans and returning players but are very open to helping newer WvW players get into the gamemode! To do so, we actually enjoy teaching WvW and the different classes/roles that our squad composition runs and often do footage review of gameplay together (it is not required but is highly encouraged, as it is one of the best ways of improving). 


Outside of WvW, we do a lot of SPvP, Duels, some PvE, and play other games together.


If this sounds interesting to you, you can DM me on discord at OGDefious#2128 or in game at Defious.9214.


Here is our forum post btw 


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