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I do not know which profession to invest my time in


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Hi Everyone!


I just returned to playing GW2 after about 8 years.


I am committed to stay now and play the game, but I do not know which profession I should commit to while playing.


I really do not like spellcasting kind of gameplay, I always liked melee and I liked doing DPS instead of support.


So, the question is, which would be better for PvE melee DPS gameplay (solo and group as well)? 


My two characters are Warrior and Revenant. But with Revenant I only did lvl 80 trial only, my main was Warrior 8 years ago.


So what I noticed is that with Warrior I struggle to heal, but with Revenant it seems more easy to stay alive.


But, Warrior seems like a bit more damage.


I like the gameplay of both. Revenant seems more fluid, more 'nice' as a feeling though.


If I only want Melee DPS, which would you choose with which Elite Spec. and why?

With the Warrior I tried the gunner spec but that seems weird to me.

With Revenant I do not know which wpuld be the better, currently I tried the clasa with 2 swords.


Can you guys give me insights abozt which is the stronger melee DPS and stuff like this? Would be appreciated! 🙂



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All classes have (had or will have -> balance patches) strong melee builds.

Generally for open world it's nice to be able to switch melee/range weapons as with pure melee you often (after core-tyrian) attract more aggro than you can handle.


Things I like are 

  • Daredevil-Thief with Marauder, preferably with occasional switch to Deadye-Rifle
  • Dragonhunter-Guardian
  • Renegade-Revenant
  • Berserker-Warrior


Useful builds you can look up on many places:

- ....

But keep. in mind that these are usually GROUP builds, that really on the party for survival. A bit more defensive. support e.g. more life (using e.g. marauder instead of berserker gear) helps you to survive.

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I am a bit biased, but you should try dualwielding daggers as a spellbreaker (warrior elite). You deal a lot of damage and you have a lot of sustain. Best part is that you can even use berserker gear and that you are viable in open world and instanced PvE. You can even bring a rifle if for those rare encounters where you need to be at a distance, though you are melee with the daggers 99% of the time.

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After some years playing different professions I have finally settled on power Reaper. It is one of the tankiest melee, outputting big area and single-target damage (6k crits on basic attack chain with greatsword). You can quite quickly solo many champions and rarely get downed due to sustain from passive life-leech and reaper shroud.

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