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Black lion chest key in retribution

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I did the battle for Lion's Arch retribution story step, but it doesn't look like I got the key.

It wasn't in.my inventory, even though it says in wiki we do get one.


Stranger still is that I had one key in my bank from "setting up the stage", so I go use that one, and a second appeared in my inventory. 


So anyways.

Do we still get one or not?

I have 15 characters out of 27 lined up to do story mode up to that point, but don't want to do it until i am 100% sure about this.

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57 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You may be confusing 'Retribution' with:  Chapter 6: The Battle of Claw Island

CLaw island for SURE was a way to get another key from leveling up a toon. I have done it in the past. I couldnt say if things have changed in the last ~2 yr tho.

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