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[NA][Raid] Static Looking for Members


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Raid Schedule: Sunday at 5PM Central for 2 hours.



We are a raid static looking for a few members! We try to have a fun atmosphere while also progressing. Our players are experienced with GW2 and Wings 1-4. We are returning to GW2 after a break to raid again and do raids 5-7. The static's focus is on learning and eventually clearing Wings 5-7. We are looking for players comfortable in instanced PvE but looking to learn the newer raid wings.

Looking for someone who can play Quickness and Alacrity support classes or DPS that can play a Condi and Power spec. We are flexible and accept exotic gear.

Please have:

  • A fun attitude!
  • Exotic or better geared meta build for your role.
  • No mic required but joining discord to listen is required.


If you are interested or have questions please message me on discord: Xichero#6224

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