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Cata still not nerfed?

thc enjoyer.4976

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To answer the question of the thread: No, catalyst has not been nerfed yet. We even had the very shameful event of a team consisting of 5 catalysts winning the European MAT.

Tomorrow, they are doing a stream showing us balancing changes which will get applied in 2 weeks. They will also release notes here on the forum for people to discuss the changes. So maybe you should take a look at them tomorrow, there will probably be changes for catalyst. But if you don't want to "enjoy" the absoluted busted catalyst, then you should at least not log into the game for another 2 weeks.

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Guess who is playing ele in balance / pvp team ... there is really no other explaination to this.

How can skills like ES exist in that way for so long, while EVERY other spec / ability / utility / passive , you name it, that was slightly to good get instant treatment ??



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