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FB Virtues Tool Tip Bug.


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It looks like this a global bug. 
Every class that affects the core skills is affected. 

For example: 

Mesmer and Ranger - ambush skills on the AA tool tip will also show up even if you're not using that E-Spec. 

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Really disorienting bug with the dragonhunter tooltips displaying on firebrand, I see it too. I also had the tome page counter disappear and the firebrand tomes moved to where core guardian virtues are. Firebrand currently super janky.

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5 hours ago, Arthaskod.7641 said:

Yup, same here. Spend 5 minutes to figure out why the effect didn't work properly. Very desorienting for new player like me 😕 I've tried to reload the game but it didn't work. Any tips or news about this ?...

looks like they dont even know about this. 

its still going on. nothing we can do about it really. 

goodluck to the new players to try to figure that out. 

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