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Any NA PvP / 5v5 Tournament Guilds/Teams / WvW's Looking for a competitive member?


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Newish to GW2 but understand my class and role. Looking for a semi-serious team or guild to PvP with. Obviously want to have fun but still trying to actively win whatever we're doing. Open free time for practices / events / tournaments. Hoping to find a group that loves PvP as much as I do and to meet some new people / friends on the game.

(Not sure how competitive GW2 is yet so just going to list some competitive experience I have in team based activities)

Halo 2 Semi-Pro from 2006-2008
Challenger on League of legends S7-S11 and pushing challenger again this season on 2 regions
Multiple Legends of Aria tournament winnings
Multiple Pokemon Unite tournament winnings

Feel free to reach out in-game or reply to the thread or add my discord - JungleDif#2681

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Hello i think you might be interested in my guild. We are a fighting guild and we aim for excellence. We will teach you how to improve at your fighting skills. Our goal is to make every guild member an elite player. 

Check out our webpage fulgurauri.wixsite.com/fulgur-auri

You can find our info there and if you like what you see please reach out.

Do expect lots of theory, practice and advice. You will be leveled before actually going into tournaments. Do bring humbleness and willingness to learn and improve.

See you there.

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Hi, if you're interested in WvW, my guild [LOFI] could be a good fit. We are a WvW Fight Guild on HoD that focuses on a fast paced, aggressive fight style and is always looking to fight other groups regardless of their size. We focus on building a positive, nontoxic, tightknit unit while fostering a growth mindset towards our gameplay. We get that we all have irl responsibilities, but when we log in, we focus on playing our best and learning from our mistakes. That being said, we highly encourage footage review (we normally do group footage review after every raid, but we can do private ones as well) with an emphasis on being open to constructive feedback. 


We are very open to new players to WvW and are happy to teach and help!


When we aren't in WvW, we do a lot of SPvP, way too many duels, some PvE, and play other games together.


If you're interested, feel free to DM me on discord at OGDefious#2128 or in game at Defious.9214.


Here is a link to our forum post: 


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