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Unable to Access Archive File - Completely new install and update

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EDIT: Figured out a weird workaround, that now I just want an explanation for. I connected to my VPN and the game worked fine. What would be blocking the game from updating on my standard internet?


Hey everyone. Having a weird issue, only on my desktop, trying to play the game. 

The game worked fine earlier in the week, then I went to start it yesterday and it had the "unable to access its archive file" error. I deleted all my addons, but that did nothing to fix it. So I reinstalled it. After the hour of waiting for it to download, I started it up and it seemed to work fine. It downloaded 200K files to update to the newest version, but by that point, I had to go to bed and didn't play the game. 

This morning, I went to play it again on this newly downloaded and updated version of the game, and I'm again getting the "unable to access its archive file" error! This is a new install! Why would this be happening?

A little while ago I had a similar error that only ever fixed when arenanet sent through another update, like it just fixed itself eventually, but is there anything I can try? I don't want to have to reinstall the entire game every time I play.


Also: Repair doesn't work because it doesn't get past checking for the archive file. The archive file is not read only, the game is run in admin mode, etc.


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