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Reporting players that are idle or abusing chat, does it do anything?


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When playing sPvP ranked I often see players that go idle at spawn and/or get angry in chat using offensive language towards a player or the entire team.

Usually these players are disappointed in the fact that we are losing the match, the performance of a team member or of the entire team. Or they are going idle/afk for unknown reasons.


Has it any use to /report them, or am I wasting my time doing it?



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I’m not aware of people having ever been banned for going idle in matches.


flaming yes- people get banned all the time.


it amazes me that there is actually a large portion of the population that thinks all pvp players have been banned before and that anet is biased.


it’s like no- you got banned cuz your toxic and in some cases just insane.


I’ve never been banned, worst trash talk I ever use is to defend my team mates or myself. That’s not bannable if you are smart

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No, it doesn't.


While i was farming my leggy i found a guy that was farming daily afk, every day me and everyone of the team was reporting him, and guess what? nothing happened, every day this guy was here idle in base. I even reported via ticket but nothing happened.

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