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Joko's feb 3 balance preview feedback


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Joko remembers how in ancient Egypt cats were considered magical and met with reverence.
In modern America it's clearly these sunspear dogs that seem to be on the pedestal...

For all their numerous crimes, they barely get a slap on the wrist, while core warrior is made to suffer.
While Joko does not disapprove of a good scape goat in absence of true culprit, it does leave a somewhat bad taste in one's mouth.
Other than that, the changes are a very mixed bag of good, bad and just weird..

            Joko Approves:

1. all Berserker changes execept for Outrage

2. lower cooldowns on signets, stances and mace in competitive

3. final thrust doing something to targets above 50% hp.


Joko Condemns:

1. Adrenal Health nerf - why are 3 unrelated specs made to suffer for transgressions of one?

2. Martial Cadence quickness duration nerf (3s -> 2s). This is killing build diveristy and again arm twisting breaking warriors into discipline even as supports!

3. Outrage - warrior has tons of stunbreaks all attached to much better effects. This skill competes with frequency of use. 12s cd maximum!

Joko is puzzled:

1. Barrier on pommel bash - confusion would be much more fitting. Warrior should get back the ability to run condi/cc  builds focused on interrupts and confusion procs from that.

2. Banner of Defense cd - Joko has not seen this one being used much in competitive given it's only once every 30s and there's not stunbreak on it.




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Just now, Aaron.1294 said:

@ZeftheWicked.3076 Banner of defence change was because of it being the actual meta for warrior due to regen aegis and barrier. It actually made condi spb/power cc spb a healing nightmare to face while also giving them another free condi cleanse outside of cleansing ire/mending/shake it off. This actual banner was a huge problem.

I didn't run often into these in my golden ranked games. I thought that due to both effects being one time (barrier and aegis) this banner isn't very impactful given it's cooldown. Guess I was wrong.

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3 minutes ago, Aaron.1294 said:

@DanAlcedo.3281 Isn't it a very insignificant change for core tho? I mean pvp and wvw mostly but we all can clearly say core warr won't be able to compete in meta pve... 

You know, if the only change that effects you is a nerf and makes some of my builds that were already barely playable even worse.... yeah....

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7 minutes ago, Aaron.1294 said:

@DanAlcedo.3281 well, as u said these are barely viable, which means unless Anet not buff them directly (which they can, by making 2nd and 3 adrenaline level burst more impactful) I wouldn't be mad at nerf like this.

The dmg isnt the problem.

Its that Core Warrior without perma Self Quickness feels like kitten to play.

Sure, Axe/axe should still be able to get 100% Uptime and any other build if ducked.


I already cringe at the thought of playing Rifle without Perma Quickness. Something that was already hard to do upkeep and now...


And if someone says Boon Duration. I gonna scream.

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@DanAlcedo.3281Well it's obv true but this is sadly the state of most core specialisations.

Core warr actually is not in "bad" state in comparison to some of the other core specs (don't get me wrong - core warr is still bad) however, as I said earlier every single patch was mostly involving traits and changes that were affecting elite specs or were made in response to these ones. As long as anet won't implement something that can diversify cores from their elite specs, changes like this  are expected and sadly there can't be done much because core ver is still going to be "just a worse version of this specific elite spec".

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