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Elementalist Vapor Form (Downed State "2") deals damage to self and overwrites pvp dmg log.


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I think this "bug" is there since release... either no one talked about it yet, or is it intended?


If you are in any PvP Mode and you are in downed state, you press your Vapor Form, run away, then you die, the battle-log only shows "Vapor Form: [maxhealth] damage dealt" but doesn't show any skill or anything from the enemy who attacked me before.


So basically if i want to know "what killed me?" i should never use my Vapor Form? Huh?

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Vapor form is.... weirdly coded.

Apparently, it rezzes you on use (in PvE, it also triggers stuff like giving the allies who tried to rez you the experience), lets you walk around in that form and at it's end it will deal your max health as damage to you to put you back into the downstate.

So yeah, it will basically reset your death log, since you were "rezzed" and then landed in downstate once again and the only source that made you go into downstate was your vapor form itself.

I don't think this will ever get changed in a foreseeable future. I can't even recall that anet ever meddled with the downstate skills of any class in all these years.

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