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Warclaw Update Inspired from Siege Turtle


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It would be interesting to use skirmish tickets to add a new aspect to the warclaw saddle. Create a side saddle or gunner position. That second player could use their ranger weapons while seated on the mount so that the warclaw could gain a chariot feel compared to the turtle tank.


You could even gain a healing function instead of a bubble or dome like the turtle has so the second player could keep the warclaw alive while you chain pull a gate.


Just a few food for thought ideas!

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There are a lot of dismount options for mounts that are interactive but not a lot of abilities for the mounts themselves outside of sniff and chain pull. It would be interesting to develop ideas of ways to use mounts more interactively in the actual fights themselves. The siege turtle has the driver and the gunner. Ideas similar to that where the existing reward track unlocks the base mount and the XP points go to improving it unchanged.


Add a new reward track and collection for the rider and rider abilities so that fights could include a new dynamic where you can do drive-by attacks with the rider from your mount. I am looking at it as a new fun feature that would give vets a chance to dump skirmish tickets and a new dynamic to the game.


If people run next to warclaws they gain the speed boost so they can already do most of this so it doesn’t really matter but I’m just brainstorming ways to make warclaw more useful in WvW fights. They are not terribly useful in sieges but clearly important in moving around the map. It would be fun to fight with them and not just dismount with them.

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