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Vindicator Rework Draft


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Hello gw2 players and folks interested in revenant! I've been playing GW and GW2 since 2007 and recently got GWAMM in GW1. I main ranger in GW1 and revenant in GW2.

Vindicator struck me as half-finished since the first betas before EoD launched. Great premise, awesome lore tie-ins, but rough implementation. I've spent the past year learning the class and designing a rework to do two things:

1) Address balance issues by creating meaningful tradeoffs, and

2) Increasing internal synergy within the spec and with core trait lines and legends.

I have played 750+ hours on revenant across all game modes. I've spent many hours on Vindicator in the toughest PvE instanced content and ranked PvP, and climbing from silver to g3. I've watched hours of other players' gameplay footage. From my own experiences and feedback I've read in-game and on the forums and subreddit, I've been trying to gain insight into what makes the spec special and how it could reach its potential in balance with the other classes. All while preserving as much of ANet's work as possible and not losing what makes Vindicator fun and unique.

After exploring many approaches, here is the draft I am most confident in sharing:


I welcome your feedback here and on the wiki discussion page. I have other approaches for comparison but have settled on this one after extensive analysis.

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- We don't need a True Nature knock off, but it's a great suggestion compared to whatever we have currently, which is not having anything at all. Also nah, just restore set amount of Endurance. It may not be in the interest for some Legends to cast upkeep then cast Endurance when they need it on the spot. 


- Love the utility, especially the consideration of making the Legend less of "two legends" but more of "one set of skills with different halves" 

- May not want a "Upkeep to charge" mechanic tbh. Also having multiple upkeep skills... I don't like it.

- Spear with an upkeep Taunt is absolutely broken if it's pulsing. That's like steady CC flow just by having 4 upkeep. That's not gonna fly, like ever. How about Urn keeps the upkeep, Spear just becomes a powerful active. But the sort of active the Spear should be should avoid the "One and Done" nature of other Legend Elites, so maybe have a lingering effect after you cast it, like maybe an Area of pulsing damage? 


- Traits are... uninspiring, but very safe suggestions. 

All round: I don't hate it, definitely see myself playing this more than whatever we have right now. 


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34 minutes ago, Yasai.3549 said:

- Spear with an upkeep Taunt is absolutely broken if it's pulsing. 


You are correct, and Spear is NOT pulsing Taunt. Taunt is on activation only. I should make that clearer. The single AoE taunt is so heal builds have a reason to use it (CC is always nice on support), and thematically it brings enemies into melee range so you can build charge with damage.

Upkeep urn & spear are based on the original GW1 held items, which were charged up for epic bursts. I thought that might be a more satisfying gameplay loop than the completely flat Spear and self-harming Urn we currently have.

Traits are indeed meant to be safe changes. Predominantly they aligns with other EoD specs and remove the issue where you have both power and healing buffs without speccing into either. Now PvE players can more consistently maintain the stats they want and roamers don't get free sustain.

Thanks for the feedback!

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