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Resilient Spirit nerf to reduce vindi hits herald hard


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For those nights where your teams just dont work together i find the salvation tree good for my herald to hold his own against more than one attacker, this 'Resilient Spirit' nerf probably aimed to reduce vindi is yet another nerf to herald. One maybe too far for the tree to be considered now.

Also consuming Herald True Nature facet is extremely weak for sPvP and from the look of the others it should have 1k damage on it or something to bring it in line. It being the herald special and herald being the facet specialization should deserve this skill to be a bit more potent for sPvP.

Any other herald fan opinions please?

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Yup thats what I mentioned here:

That triple nerf was very excessive.

  1. Sustain nerf
  2. Damage nerf across multiple skills
  3. Utility nerf. Imperial Impact chill from 4s to zero.

And once again, they nerfed a core trait because of one elite spec. I also swapped to it from time to time with Herald.

Anyway, balance is relative so Herald will remain a joke for a long time by the looks of it, zero build variety.

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