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Is there something wrong with the Steam version or servers?

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Yesterday, when i logged in, half my characters went missing. I could select them, but no model showed.

I tried to log in with one and got stuck in the loading screen.

When i restarted the game, it told me it needs to repair itself, i let it repair and logged in just fine after, all models showed and i was able to play for hours.


Now, when logging in, it briefly flashed some error that i didn't have time to read before giving me a message on the launcher that it was unable to authenticate my gameplay privileges and i should contact support. Then, upon entering my password again, it logged in just fine, and i'm in game right now. 


This happening to anyone else?

I'm on linux, but it's more or less the same one Steam Deck uses, so if there's an issue here, chances are Steam Deck users will be affected as well...


Started happening since the last update.

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I do not use the Steam version and neither i know anything about Linux, but i do have a suggestion. The normal version creates a cache folder when you start to play. Not sure, but i assume the Steam version does that too? If you know where to look, check your folder for temporary files. Look for a folder named gw2cache-{some kind of key here}... The game needs it, but older folders can cause problems, so delete it (or all if you see multiple cache folders) while the game is NOT running. The game will create a new folder when you start the game again.

So far i do not see any responses from other Steam users, so it may be a problem on your end. Hopefully this helps you.

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