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Limit eligible guilds for WvW Guilds to smaller sizes

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As said in the title, WR is going to be a failure if it ends up with a bunch of 500 man guild alliances that mimic servers.  Even 100 people in a roster is tremendous so that's likely still too many.  Given that an active server population is in the 100s of unique players and not the 1000s anymore it makes no sense for massive guilds to be eligible.  It is counter intuitive to the goal of sorting guilds uniformly across worlds and timezones.

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As per Anets original notes the average world population was 2500. Now? Dont know. Dont think its much difference - the overall activity of world seem to have remained pretty stable. But its definetly not in the hundreds.

The problem as usual is what are you going to do with existing 500 man guilds? Forcibly kick guild members? Disband the guild because they need to split into 5+ "wvw guilds"?

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yeah, the maximum size for guilds will NEVER go below 500 players, as that would mess with existing guilds. 

But, its also pretty unlikely that you will even hold a single alliance that is made out of a single guild. 

The only guilds, that have pretty much only active wvw-players AND are full, are community-guilds from servers. 
But even if they are full, chances are high that even those guilds can create an alliance that includes all the server's currently active raiding guilds. 
A big chunk of players in the community-guilds is shared with the raiding guilds, so there´s an overlap in members. So assuming, there are 500 people in the community-guild, that doesn´t mean that other guilds cannot be in that alliance. As long as all of them are also in the full guild, all of them can still join the alliance (hypothetically, it´s still kinda pointless but you see what i mean)

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