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Trying to start the raid journey


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I think this guides could get you started.


Snow Crows Heal Alacrity Druid Build - Written 


Snow Crows Heal Alacrity Druid Gameplay Guide - Written


Snow Crows Raid Encounter Guides - Written


Heal Alacrity Druid Beginner Guide - Video from Areki



Heal Alacrity Druid Intermediate Guide - Video from Areki



Heal Alacrity Druid Gameplay Guide - Video from Areki



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I would honestly recommend just starting with skein gang first if you have the time to dedicate every week (2-3 hours a week, usually just one night). You'll learn a lot faster and improve rapidly, as opposed to raid academy which is hit or miss and doesn't usually have convenient running times. You may also find it difficult with raid academy to get into a run for the specific wing or boss you want to learn, while skein gang groups have a more structured order of progression determined by the team.

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On 2/25/2023 at 2:26 AM, Zach.9687 said:

Definitely does look unwelcoming, Im in like 5 or 6 discords trying to find training groups to run with, not much luck so far. I've now just joined Skein Gang, so heres hoping! Ty

Trying raid for first time with druid might be overwhelming... Raid squads delegate a lot of encounter specific special roles on druid.... Also the sense of guilt when u see a downed player or a dead player can be discouraging... 


I'd suggest picking an easy dps class either a reaper/powerMechanist/condiVirtuo . Once u do atleast 5 successful runs on all encounters on wings 1 thru 4, u can start druid

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