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The game client is unable to gain access to the login server at this time.

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This started for me a couple days ago for the 1st time, I've already tried everything suggested in the error code log to try and get this to work yet to no avail.
A ticket has been submitted and waiting for a response.

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This happened to me tonight repeatedly every 10 sec, also could not access wiz vault or tp.   [ArcDPS was not being used]

10 Min later, it stopped after logging off and on 3-times.  Amazon servers issue?

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4 hours ago, Titip Aja Shay.7136 said:

I have this problem as well whenever i just start the game. It spams me for 3-5x. and then i can continue playing as usual. It wont show up again in my session unless I restart the game

Same here, that error 42 window is popping a lot and then the LFG, Trading Post, Guild and other menus are not loading properly. Then it's either being solved by itself after being logged in for some time, or worse get disconnected entirely 🙄


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