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Fort Aspenwood meta compared to Seitung and Gang War

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Fort Aspenwood starts while the Aetherblade Assault meta is underway. Aetherblade gives an ambergris as part of the reward options, FA does not.  

Gang War doesn't overlap with another EoD meta. It also rewards a statuette, Fort Aspenwood does not.

Given that you can suicide into the FA facility to get that POI, the only people interested in doing FA are those - like me - who do lamplighting, and those who need the tapestry piece.

It is also an easy meta to fail at the start as you need at least one person on turtle turrets on each side, and defenders of those turtles, the latter fighting multiple mobs, including one champ (per side).

Could the ongoing overlap of this event be removed? Potentially this may require other events being made shorter, or having a rotation of overlaps so that the same two events don't overlap every cycle.

When I tag for FA, most people arrive after we're right inside the facility. Given that both sets of shields have timers, if everyone arrived that late the event would fail. Clearly people want to do the event, as upwards of 20 people are there at the end, but it's trying to scrape together even 10 people at the start that is the frustrating part of this meta.

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