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BUG: "Allow skill retargeting" and "instant" cast interaction issue

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Dear devs,

"Instant" cast would launch the spell upon key press, while "Fast with range indicator" would launch the spell upon release.
While using "Allow skill retargeting", there is no option for ground targeting aoe spells to "save" the initial target location for the spell when using "Instant" cast, the spell target location would keep being updated upon cursor movement during the incantation.

I believe an option is missing to allow both behaviors, i.e. the current one and the following one: I would highly appreciate to have both retargeting ability for direct targeted spells (ranger's rapid fire, mesmer's confusing images, etc..), while enjoying smart cast without update of the target location after I pressed the key for ground targeting spells (sneak thief's cluster bombs while kiting in pvp, still using smart cast and my cursor as I intend to..).

I believe this would not represent much development to implement this feature as the tools of you need already exist.

Best regards,

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not sure exactly what you are having an issue with, but from what i understand it seems you may be confused about the effects of certain settings. the "allow skill retargeting" option only effects what you refer to as direct targeted spells - in effect, all it does is prevent the skill cast from automatically cancelling if you change targets partway through (the remaining cast will continue but with the new target). the settings "instant" and "fast with range indicator" only affect ground targeted skills, with no effect on direct targeted spells. im not sure what you mean by  "saving" the initial target location with "instant" cast - with this setting, any ground targeted skills you cast will always target the location under your mouse at the moment the button was pressed (or your targeted enemy if "snap ground target to current target" is enabled). if set to "fast with range indicator", they will be cast act the location of your mouse (or targeted enemy) at the moment that the key is released, with an aiming marker displayed at the relevant location while the button is held down.


if this is not what you are experiencing, can you please give an example situation (or video) in which your issue occurs, along with what settings are enabled to cause it?


upon further testing, it appears that this interaction does exist with some skills, but not with the ones i happened to use for testing. the delay also appears to differ from skill to skill.

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After in-game discussion with Grahckheuhl.7549, it appears that the behavior differ from skill to skill (which is even worse than I thought)

Examples with "instant" cast and "Allow skill retargeting":

- Ice Spike, frozen ground (ele staff), signet of water save initial cursor location even though there is a cast duration.

- lava font, meteor shower (ele staff) do not save target location and will land where the cursor is at the end of the cast.

This inconsistency is quite a bug rather than a missing option. Thank you  Grahckheuhl.7549 for pointing out the above examples.

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  • Nawaak.6918 changed the title to BUG: "Allow skill retargeting" and "instant" cast interaction issue
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                                                                                          The Bug is still alive

Yeah, I tried to use the Fast with Range Indicator with my Guardian. Any time I attempt to use Purging Flames for example (a ground targeting skill) I immediately target myself. I am unable to target anything else and the moment I let go of the button the skill is casts. Using this feature would be very helpful. I watched a couple you tube videos where people show casing the Fast with Range Indicator option. Mine is definitely not working. 

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