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Ferocious Strikes trait goes against design philosophies in both pve and pvp


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Encounters in games usually get more risky and volatile the further your are into the battle, increasing tension as you play and Guild Wars 2 is not different.
The problem is, ferocious strikes, a 10% critical damage modifier on the critical strikes traitline, just turns off below 50% of the targets health, the moment that damage is needed the most, it fail to deliver, both in pve were the boss start to have more mechanics and gets more deadly and for pvp were after a lot of effort to use your resources correctly, deny the opponent healing, the moment you go for the final blow it turns off and it seems like this trait was designed with one shot strategies in mind but that's clearly not the direction a game balance should seek.
It should be redesign as soon as possible since it is untouched since the specialization update and as a damage modifier, it affects the damage output curve and balance changes of all power builds in pve and pvp.

Changing the activation condition to something more fun would be optimal but a lazy change to 7.5% all the time could be done or invert the condition to active below 50%, doubling down on the idea of finishing vulnerable targets.

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Er no, that's not right. There are ALOT of bosses in many encounters which a Power build Thief can utilize Ferocious Strikes to bring down the boss health much much faster than without. This is very important for purposes of Phase skipping or hitting enrage timers. 

This means having the trait allows you to perform alot of heavy damage while bosses are above 50% hp, so the moment the boss dips below, the other DPSes who have their respective execution traits for bonus damage <50% hp can kick in and work toward clearing the encounter much faster and efficiently. 

The best part is this is a minor trait, so you don't have to sacrifice any trait choices for it at all! You basically deal 10% more damage by default on any enemy above 50% HP, which definitely sees alot of use in every single game type. 


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