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Is Assassin's Presence way too weak now?


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IMO Notoriety is far and away the best pick for any build that isn't condi due to how weak the other two traits are atm. Assassin's Presence doesn't even feel worth it in the slightest and Battle Scars giving only one stack every second is not impactful at all.

So yes, IMO Assassin's Presence is definitely weak, especially now that renegade offers AOE fury. I would want it replaced with something else entirely while you could simply rework battle scars to give 2x every second or something. Numbers can vary.

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I dunno why y'all think it's bad . Yes , it's not better from pre nerfed version on herald specifically but..

It's good on heal/dps alac builds  cause you get fury source to party ,in case fury source dies in fractals raids etc . 

It's fury source for wvw core roaming builds 

It's good for cover boons in wvw small-scale/ scrims so stability can't be easily striped, also  if party has DH/ren, dh he gets free fury etc..


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