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About Mantra rework.


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The rework on mantra will bring back the old  initial casting time with the benefit of gaing an add page when use the last charge. I love the casting animation, but I understend the complains about it. What if the benefit to have a initial cast comes from CASTING it instead of have some benefit in the last charge, similar to mesmer mantras, but not at the end of the cast, at the beggining? Just a title of example:


If u pick a the "Weighty Terms" trait your mantras will give some benefits when casting it:

Mantra of Solace: share aegis with alies at the start of casting.

Mantra of Lore: convert yours and your alies conditions into boons at the start of casting.

Mantra of Liberation: share stability at the start of casting.

Mantra of Truth and Mantra of Flame could criple, or chill, or slow your enemies, making hard to cc you.


And if u pick the "Legendary Lore" trait, you lost the benefits while cating, but gain a page at the last charge in addition to the tome skill bonus .

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