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Fractal Instability Vengeance counters proper Gameplay, still not fixed

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Apparently, this bug has existed since the instability of Vengeance was introduced, and I am certain it has been reported before, I hope you can fix this, as it keeps getting worse.


As your developers continue to introduce more and more Aegis to the professions (which I assume is supposed to be a positive change for players), it becomes increasingly frustrating to play around Vengeance due to the bug that makes it a negative experience instead.


Bug description:

The fractal instability of Vengeance applies Weakness to the player when blocking an attack with the boon Aegis, which is not intended. Additionally, it unintentionally applies Weakness to the player if they use up a stack of stability.


This bug is particularly harmful for players who play the Bladesworn specialization, as they rely on Aegis to survive in exchange for not being able to move. With this instability active, it becomes a 50-50 gamble whether the Bladesworn's profession mechanic even works, making it even more frustrating.

With the recent Tuesday patch, you continue to add more passive Aegis to Bladesworn, making the problem even worse.

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