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Quip III: Skritt Trickery Bugged?

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I've been hunting down Skritt Burglars for several days now across multiple maps, and not a single one has dropped the Skritt Trickery trophy for Quip III. Wiki states the drop isn't a guarantee, but I've never had a legendary collection with a drop-based component be this stingy before. Potential bug? If not, I feel like the drop rate really needs to be jacked up for this considering all the legwork one has to do in order to even find a burglar chest ready to open.

ETA: Next burglar I managed to find out in Metrica after posting this was kind enough to drop it. Guess my RNG was just lousy. Still, unless you are relentlessly combing areas and checking every potential spawn point across numerous maps, this one gets really frustrating.

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