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Elemental bastion &Transmute aura's (especially frost) for PvE

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As someone who likes to play both WvW and instanced PvE i always get abit confused about the balance of aura's in PvE compared to WvW. 


Almost every single PvE skill has either the same effect as their WvW/PvP counterpart or is stronger. They cleanse more, have shorter cooldowns or have better dmge/heal coefficients. For elemental bastion and  transmuting aura's (and especially transmute frost) this is not the case. Elemental bastion has a 0.55 heal coefficient in PvE whereas it has a 0.8 heal coefficient in WvW. The cd of transmuting aura's in WvW/pvp is 3 seconds whereas its 10 seconds in PvE. On top of that transmute frost has a lower base healing and healing coefficient (1078 base with 0.8 coefficient in WvW and 490 base with 0.5 coefficient in PvE). 

Aura's tend to be already very powerful effects in pvp/WvW, whereas in PvE the effects are lackluster at best. Reducing the CDs on transmutes would stimulate active interactions between the natural ability of the cata and Tempest to aurashare/transmute aura's. It would give Tempest, Weaver and cata a significant boost in cleansing potential (while still maintaining a major tradeoff due to the loss of the arcane traitline for healing & strong dps trait alternatives in master fire traitline)

Also elemental bastion is never picked in PvE currently, so in its current state it obviously is still inferior to Lucid singularity.  

Boosting elemental bastion's heal coefficient would make Htemp an absolute powerhouse for PvE that could be a viable pick in some niche scenarios.

Dagger offhand could serve as a strong close range heal weapon, which would be a perfect addition to the boonsupport of warhorn and ranged healing of staff. This would also add a significant amount of extra healing to the HQcata (it still would be an inferior pick, but atleast it would be somewhat viable). 

Basically these changes wouldn't really impact the current state of the ele meta builds while simultaneously promoting extra build diversity and removing (imo) unnecessary differences in skill use & coefficients between game modes. The only consequences for the current meta that i can think of is an extra transmute fire in the rotation of condi builds with focus and access to 1-2 extra stacks of stabi in earth for staff cata/temp. Both are in my opinion relatively small changes that can easily be mitigated by changing dmge coefficients/boon duration if the change isnt in line with the devs balance perspective. 

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