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Google sheet with official gw2 API


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Hey hi, is there any reason that i cant use the gw2 api on google sheet?

I have to use others websites api (gw2spidy or gw2tp etc) but recently i wanted to access my tp history on google sheet but only the gw2 api is giving me this information, i know my code is right since its working with others API but i feel like the official gw2 api is blocked on google sheet, anyone knows anything about it?




edit: i have no error codes, just blank cells.

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function apiFetch(keyurl){
   var data;
      var opt = {
        'headers': {
          'Authorization''Bearer ' + key,
    data = UrlFetchApp.fetch('https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/' + urlopt);
    data = data.getContentText();   
  return JSON.parse(data);


Try this in apps script


key needs to be your bearer token

url needs to be the api-path you want to call. E.g.: 'account/wallet'


this will return a json-object, but gs or basically js can deal very well with it


deleted some lines which are not interested for you and didnt validated the syntax, so maybe there is some missing semicolon or bracket



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