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SOLUTION: Sudden FPS drop

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Hi Guys,

after 2 years of researching (I know it's crazy) and trying literally everything,  I finally found the solution that should work for anyone with an Intel processor.

Have you ever noticed your FPS going from high numbers suddendly very low like 10-15fps and then again high up after some seconds?

Well, I thought that was due to the actual core being switched to another one, and I thought during the switch I had that low fps, but it's not!!!

The culprit is the Intel Turbo Boost Techology: "Intel Turbo Boost Technology is a way to automatically run the processor core faster than the noted frequency. The processor must work in the power, temperature, and specification limits of the thermal design power (TDP). Single and multi-threaded application performance increase.".

Deactivating this will remove this problem forever.

There are some different ways to do so, but the easiest one is to edit your power management and in your power profile put the Max processor state to 99%.

This will prevent turbo boost to kick in as you will not reach the 100% processor usage, as that's when the turbo boost activates!!!!

I hope this will be helpful, I thought to share as I was really desperate to understand and solve this issue!!



EDIT: I wanted to also advise especially on laptops, use the FPS limiter to 60, it will grealy help reducing heat and mantain stable performance. Also, using d912pxy help increasing FPS (the new dx11 in GW2 works well too if you don't want to use any mod). I know many knows about this, but putting it here just in case as this post is FPS related! ❤️ 

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4 hours ago, Aedil.1296 said:

EDIT: I wanted to also advise especially on laptops, use the FPS limiter to 60

This has been my years-long solution. I actually did it first and foremost because I've fried 'gaming' laptops before with sheer prolonged heat. The 60 fps limit is great for keeping the fps range from 20 to 60, instead of 20 to 100 lol.

I was looking for ways to finally stabilize that 20-60 range and tighten the variance a bit. I'll look into those power settings, ty for the tip!

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18 hours ago, quake.9023 said:

for me its character limit changed to lowest. thn its 65-73fps stable unlike using low-high setting...where it drops to 20fps

I give per granted that everybody knows about character model limit. that stresses even the most recent CPUs 🙂

My issue was more something that happens random and not in specifically places, as it just triggers when the intenl CPU activates the turbo boost, which is what actually creates the sudden FPS drop for several seconds.

But yes ideally the setup for character model quality = lowest, character model limit = low, to see at least the 5 people in your party. 

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