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gw2 is the only game that wont display on my monitor but I can hear it playing through speakers. Please help

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Lately I have been kicked a lot from pvp matches and its actually normal for me although frustrating. However, this time when I try to log back in the game will not display itself on the monitor. I uninstalled the game then reinstalled it, I create a copy of my Gw2.exe file and repaired that. It's probably a simply fix because every other game plays and displays just fine except gw2. I am working with support to find the issue but sending emails back and forth takes days. If anyone also had this same problem or issue and was able to figure it out please share your succuss. 

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You might not be aware of the issues with PvP at the moment. This might be the cause of the disconnects you are experiencing.

Apparently there is some sort of exploit that is disconnecting players. Anet Devs are aware of it. The relevant thread is below.


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