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The PvP scenario has been abandoned for too long


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After today's announcement I thought I was gonna read something about sPvP but actually got nothing. There are very few people who plays sPvP, there's only conquest to play competitively. Ever since 2015 the PvP population in this game has dropped drastically to the point that "Hotjoin" no longer exists. Nobody cares about pvp in this game because ArenaNet doesn't care either. What happened, ArenaNet? What made you stop developing sPvP and competitive pvp in general? There are still some players who actually care about PvP in this game, but all we have is conquest and the same meta mentality over and over. It's really tiresome.

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I have been the only one who has seen that they care more about pve and WvW and pvp they have abandoned it, we only have nerf and silly  changes but no other motivation to continue in this game mode. 

arena net please remove this game mode and move us all to WvW since you don't give us any importance. 

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54 minutes ago, Voraxen.2035 said:

It's been more than four years since they've added literally anything new to spvp. Meanwhile, strike, CMs, fractals, raids, world bosses... everything else gets the QOL, maps, achievements, titles, armor\weapon skins. Not spvp though. It was a 'pillar' of Guild Wars 2.

It was the absolute best part of gw1, people who like pve content play wow, they really should be going for the entire pvp scene and eSports 

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