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I salvaged the "Ad Infinitum" precursor "Unbound" by accident. Nice.

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Yes. This happened to me yesterday evening and I was literally in tears when I realized what I did.

I have been crafting the Unbound precursor for a while and everybody who has done this before, knows how frustrating and expensive this can be.


Before this happened, I crafted the precursor to Unbound (Upper Bound) and salvaged that for the "Spirit of the Upper Bound" item that you need to craft the Unbound. So when I finished the Unbound, I kind of no-brain automatism just salvaged it. And as I saw that it did not give me a special item, I started reading the wiki and teared up. So yes, here I go again grinding for mats for the next months to craft another one I guess 😐


I am not asking for any changes regarding this from Anet, I just want to bring awareness to people to not make the same stupid mistake that I did.


Anyways, that's my story / rant / whatever. I just had to tell someone.

Take care and read about the items in the ad inf collections before salvaging them 🥲


Update here:


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I agree with the suggestion to contact customer support. They have helped with things like this before.

It would also be a way of feeding back to Anet that Unbound probably should not be salvagable. The only way to get it is to do the collections and the only reason to do that is if you're going to eventually make Ad Infinitum. It's also 'used up' when you Forge Ad Infinitum so it's not like you'll be left with a useless item when you're done. There is no reason anyone would want to salvage it.

This is why I went the other way and kept everything from those collections until I was finished. It was massively impractical, but I didn't trust myself or the item descriptions and didn't want to sell/salvage/delete something I needed later on.

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4 hours ago, ControlTheBit.9731 said:

Thank you guys, I did honestly not think about contacting them 😅

I just sent an email and hope that they can help, I will update this thread if I get an answer 😊



Support was really fast and nice.

They have confirmed what happened and restored Unbound to my account! 😍


So if you are ever as stupid as I was and accidentally do something like this, just send support a ticket. They are legit awesome!

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4 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

The only way to get it is to do the collections and the only reason to do that is if you're going to eventually make Ad Infinitum.

It can be crafted multiple times but there is absolutely no reason to do so now that there are so many cheap options for ascended back items

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Yes, I've done a handful of dumb things accidentally when making legendary stuff, support is very nice. XD Like accidentally buying Jormag Sword twice instead of Dagger. 

2 hours ago, celestia.3829 said:

They wont help, salavge results are RNG, so they wont replace it becuase you will have "made" like 30 silver.

They'd often have you gather items you got from salvaging something and delete them for stuff like that.

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I and my family have contacted Arena Net support a few times over various different problems and they have been very good.

It appears that their directive is to actually help customers and try to solve problems wherever they reasonably can.

In my experience elsewhere, this approach is not as common with support teams as you would hope so I am very impressed.

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There have been times when they've told me they will only fix that specific mistake once. That happened when I forgot my second account had already gotten one of the anniversary backpacks and chose the same one again. It was entirely my mistake but they fixed it, then told me if I did it again they wouldn't help. Luckily the next year I remembered to be more careful.

I think they say that so players won't rely on customer service, or contact them every time they change their mind about something, but it's nice that they'll do it even once.

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One thing to do keep track of tho is if you get any glyph that are not tool specific.

Like glyph of unbound but you dont have the unbound tools.

Do keep a screenshot of it or a date writen down when you put it into a unlimited tool.

The support team cant see glyphs inside the tools if you happen to delete them

Something I found out the hard way and lost 2 out of my 3 glyphs.


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