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Sand Savant makes your class worse in WvW than not playing any trait


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The trait is unchanged from July 8, 2020 and the traits doesnt have any benefits, it just makes your shade skill to have bigger cooldown.


How is it possible that this isn't touched for over a 2 years? The target cap (which should have been atleast bonus on this trait) is same as without trait. Which is 2, which is basically quaranteed hit with the area of small shade. So the area increase is totally irrelevant change.


So in the summary, the only thing this trait do, is increasing your cooldown of shade by 100%, without having any benefit. How can this trait be unchanged in game for over a 2 years?

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As far as I know, if you don't trait Sand savant, your shades don't count as 3. Which mean you actually need 3 shades up to receive the full benefit from Sand sage and Blood as sand. You can see the Sand savant as an easier way to keep up passive damage reduction and concentration/expertise uptime (a beginer's trait or a trait for lazy players).

As a matter of fact, Shades were nerfed to the point that they suck in WvW because they were abused there.

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