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"Invalid Mount" for players in area crash

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Was hanging around semi-afk a bit ago in town doing things on the other screen, when I crashed unexpected. The report mentioned an invalid mount being called.

Very strange, couldn't be me I wasn't doing anything, and how would I summon an invalid mount, or anyone for that matter. Upon asking in chat if anyone else had it happen, I figured it was in the area, sure enough it was, others got booted too, some of which may or may not have checked the details to see why, but unusual that people would all crash at once for different reasons, so probably all the same.

Someone in chat brought up the idea that maybe the favorites/randomize thing is doing it. They have a point, maybe if for example, the randomizer had a number for each mount skin and it accidentally called a number that didn't exist this could occur. In any case, quite a bad one, especially since it knocks any player within an ear shot out of commission as well. Way I see it, maybe the mount skins could be labeled internally as numbers 0 to 4 for the first 5, then the randomizer maybe was set to generate a number between 1 and 5, if it called 5 but the highest was truly 4 I could see something weird like that happening, but I suppose that's possibly dumbing it down more than it really is. In any case definitely one to keep an eye on.

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