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Random mounts is pretty pointless without mount templates


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Since players use different dye set ups for different mount skins, just calling a random mount skin that shares the same dye set up just doesn't work. One dye set up may look great on one mount skin, but it looks like a clown threw up on it on a different mount skin.

The player needs to be able to create and save multiple mount templates (and none of this buy-template-slots-per-character crap), and the game should call random mounts from saved mount templates.

EDIT: Similar with outfits and gliders.

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My vote/two-cents: 💭

All dyed items should have their own pallets, per character.

Unless, of course, one chooses to randomize the colors as well. 😅 Randomizing should still preserve the player's pallet and be temporary only. There have been some other good ideas here in this thread as well, like including pallets and appearances in a profile. Things such as the glider, mount, skiff, novelty, gathering tools and other choices to make a character unique.

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A few more thoughts.
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