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Staff Condi Mirage, Why Nightmare over Tormenting or Tempest?

Jalad Lantana.3027

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I have been experimenting with different Runes on my condi Mirage for general open world mucking about, here are the results

Rune            Condition Duration      Boon Duration     Winds of Chaos Torment Time    Winds of Chaos Damage (moving target)
Nightmare            74                                42                                    8 sec                                                    779
Tempest                81                                44                                    9 sec                                                    733
Tormenting          54                                42                                    10 sec                                                   898

My understanding is most of staff condi mirage's damage comes from Torment and based on the above stats, Runes of Tormenting seem to be the best choice with Tempest the second choice, but the meta says otherwise, please explain why.

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I'm pretty sure in groups/raids you end up capping torment duration with nightmare runes so the extra condi ends up giving more dps, but in solo/open world you're absolutely right. Torment/Tempest is the way to go.

I don't raid though so someone can correct me if I'm wrong.


Also open world torment runes are king for mirage IMO simply because they give you regen which lets you slot self-deception trait for faster clone generation. Where as if you go tempest you'd probably have to slot Renewing Oasis trait for regen on dodge.

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Tormenting goes overcap with torment duration (even without regeneration present) and does not improve your other conditions (mainly bleeding and confusion)

Tempest overcaps your overall condition duration when coupled with regeneration and gives just +36 to all stats from the other bonuses

Nightmare squeezes the most condition damage coupled with condi duration out of all three - puts you just shy of the condi duration cap when affected by regeneration + offers additional 175 condition damage from the other bonuses


My question is why would you be interested in minmaxing if the build is

51 minutes ago, Jalad Lantana.3027 said:

for general open world mucking about


Tempest rune should be just fine if you just want to muck about

Tormenting might help with regen upkeep for your chaos traits but as I mentioned before, it does not improve your other conditions and goes way overcap with torment duration (about 25% above cap with regeneration and food)

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