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I keep lagging and disconnecting only when I do fractals (Code=7:11:3:202:101)

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Hi Team

Every single day since Saturday (probably earlier, just havent run fractals for a while before then), When I runing the fractal dailies I have been lagging and eventually getting a hard disconnected from guildwars 2. Its like a memory leak but for bandwidth. I have command prompts with pings for and yahoo.co.uk (to ping both US and EU) with zero packet loss, yet gw2 has an issue somewhere.

The Error I get is (Code=7:11:3:202:101). 
I live in South Africa.

This ONLY happens in fractals. I can do raids (raided on Monday with guild for an hour with no issues, killed 2 bosses) but fractals... I cant even do a single fractal without it lagging and disconnecting. This issue has only started recently, as just before wintersday I was able to grind out and finish Ad Infinitum without issues.

Is anyone else experiencing the same, and what do you suggest I do to assist with troubleshooting?

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