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My QoL suggestions after the Feb 14th patch (Mantras, MoM, etc.)


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Now that Mantra of Pain spamming is back in the game, Restorative Mantras can be used in combination with it for some really strong healing over time, basically allowing mesmer to be an effective heal-bot again (yes I know i'm the only one who gives a kitten about heal chrono, don't @ me lol).


With that said, I think a few QoL changes could make things feel a bit better:

  • Master of Manipulation should maybe have an ever-so-slight delay on the Aegis triggering (e.g. like ~0.1 second or less), that way Blink can trigger MoM at the mesmer's teleport location rather than at their casting location.  This way, you don't have already be on top of your party in order to give them the Aegis.  It could allow for some neat advanced tactics in the future.
  • **Speaking of MoM, please return the reduced recharge on Manip skills 😞
  • Restorative Mantras should also cause Power Return (the ammo skill of Mantra of Recovery) to heal allies in addition to yourself for the amount (also healing the ally for more based on whether they're below 50% or not).  It seems there was some forward-thinking with allowing the finish-cast of the heal mantra to heal nearby allies for a reduced amt, but I think this needs to be extended to its ammo skill as well.  It could make for an interesting choice between using Well of Eternity for a quick burst-heal that saves everyone from a defeat, or using Mantra of Recovery for more sustained healing and cleanse over time which adds up to more overall healing per minute.



If anyone else has other QoL suggestions then feel free to post them below

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I do not think heal mesmer in any form is going to be that effective since you are greatly missing regen and a semipassive heal similar to resolve sharing, spirits, soothing mist, or a mech just pumping out heals. There is no actual heal weapon for mesmer either, the closest thing is scepter with restorative illusions.

I have seen a recent attempt by MrMystic to make a heal mirage with that mantra heal kind of idea in mind in case you have not seen it. (http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PigAYZlZwmYWsKmJWqTqvKA-zRJYqRFfZkZJUdG47sUlmFUB-e)
Likewise in the past Xyonon (the benchmarker) attempted a heal chrono. If I remember correctly it used scepter mainhand for clone generation to use illusionary inspiration (heal on clone creation) and to shatter and trigger restorative illusions.

Your main heals are going to be well of eternity with the utility skills such as well of precog filling in for aegis or mantra of concentration for stability , mantra of resolve for cleansing if not null field.

Manipulations generally are not used in PVE other than mimic, so that is a lost cause for aegis especially when you have access to well of precog. The only other way I can see outputting aegis is using signets (none of which heal people) or going for some kind of jank with mirror or mimic with Master of Manipulation.

TL;DR I would be looking into heal chrono with a scepter if the goal is a heal mesmer.

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41 minutes ago, Gambit.9501 said:

Saying that Manips are a lost cause for aegis is like saying signet-distortion-aegis wasn't a thing.

The only manipulation you would be using in a PVE context is the mimic, that is what I mean by lost cause. Running the manipulation trait needs chaos traitline as well. Signets used to be far stronger , mainly signet of inspiration copied every boon and I used to boonshare in WVW. In a PVE context however, the only real mesmer aegis sharing that is worthwhile on chrono is well of precog since it actually has a tangible benefit over firebrand aegis in that you can block multiple attacks.
Right now the main role of a WvW chrono is boon rips not healing. Inspiration is not run whatsoever https://gw2mists.com/builds/mesmer/support-chronomancer

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