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Why Is Jacaranda Ugly?


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On 2/17/2023 at 4:34 PM, PolarBear.3961 said:

Im sorry but i really want more skins for minions and a real customization for jade mechs :_)

Jade mechs are an eyesore already, please no


Skins for minions/elementals/pets/mechs is dumb anyways. Pets already are identifiable by their coloration and patterns- orange tiger VS white tiger is a very big distinction. An offensive F2 that provides fury, or a defensive one that provides Aegis. What if I decided I wanted my orange tiger to look like a white tiger? Someone would assume it has a shadowstep and an aegis F2.


The only thing that's skin-like is the gw1 achievement pets, but those are 1. Pretty useless and 2. Have the exact same skills as a different member of their family, i.e. white raven has the same skills as the normal raven.

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11 hours ago, Mic.1897 said:

^ Actually the black moa is an upgrade from the pink one



Other way around. Pink moa is a better version of the black moa.
Both are identical, except for their F2 ability Dazing Screech:
Black Moa / Pink Moa
The pink moa version has a longer lasting daze (2s vs 1s) and deals more power damage (0,5 power coefficient vs 0,2 power coefficient).

That's the weird thing. If you use the achievement locked moa skin (black moa), you are just shooting yourself in the foot by using an inferior version of the way more easily available pink moa.

Reading is hard and it's late over here.

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