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No race change?

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56 minutes ago, Deathleecher.8532 said:

Why is there no race change? We are in 2023, people love to change race.

Make it happen.-

Because current year isn't any more of a reason than previous current year, the current year before that, or the one before that, etc.

And because the game's coding, as ArenaNet has themselves has stated, makes this prohibitively difficult and that this cost isn't worth the potential reward.

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6 hours ago, Batel.9206 said:


--in before obligatory "use the search feature, this has been suggested many times and explained just as many times why it won't happen" post.

Yes "We" are in 2023...but who are those people the OP is talking about? 😂

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I can't find the quote now but I remember someone from Anet saying when this came up a few years ago that they actually did try and because the game was programmed with the assumption that a characters race would be one of the things that never changes a lot of stuff is tied to that so changing your race could permanently break the character, to the point where you may not be able to log in to them again.

Making it possible would likely be a lot of work, and it's not a commonly requested feature. It has come up before, but far more rarely than other things which are also not completely impossible but far more work than it's worth. If there ever was an opportunity to do one of those things and how often players suggest it was the deciding factor my guess is we'd get the ability to dye weapons.

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